Chakwal Mishap, April 5th, 2009

The incident happened in Chakwal, Pakistan on 5th of April 2009 in an Imam Bargah left many died, injured, dismayed and tortured too. Previously in the last month a similar incident happened in a mosque in Khyber Agency, in Federal Administered Areas(FATA) of Pakistan. Indeed both mishaps are the incidents which cannot be left un-condemned.
Many families are affected, many children are left without fathers, many wives have become widowed, many fathers have carried the dead bodies of their young sons. The whole nation is grieved and angered over these incidents but people are getting more mature and sensible and they have responded in a very positive manner. The only aim behind these attacks is to create an atmosphere of insecurity, avenge and terror. The main aim no doubt is to start a rebel between different sects. But fortunate for the Pakistani Nation and unfortunate for those who did this is that both sides showed a great sense of responsibility by not taking these incidents into the account of sectarianism.
Both sides clearly stated that these acts won’t help to promote hatred and sectarian wars. This approach is really a great and very positive step towards the achievement of inter-sectarian harmony. And it is the only way to discourage future incidents like is

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