Violence against lawyers in Lahore

Violence, In whatever form is condemnable. It can also be called as a tool of devil. In Lahore yesterday what happened is truly very bad. The legendary and successfull social movement of Pakistan is facing a dillemma. But there are many facts and figures to be considered before we go into the details of the incident.
Since the restoration of Judges earlier this year, passion and zeal has been emerged in the hearts of Pakistanis.

Infact the success of social cause is a wonderful achievement, but since then some new things are appearing and new trends have been set. A large part of Lawyers brotherhood is not taking this achievement in a positive way, instead they are talking about their superamacy in vanity. Most of them think that this was sure to be done. No one can deny the sacrifices of lawyers in the movement and the stand against dictatorship but they should not get complacent indeed. There are things to be learnt and to apply rather than to repeat the mistakes.

This nation has a peculiar shortcoming that after a victory they ruin all their efforts being much complacent.
Many people say that there are some elements behind these riots but I must ask them whether those 100 lawyers were illiterate or ignorant of things that they successfully got trapped by those elements. The people with responsibilies, The Lawyers, ought not to be such big fools that they become the part of any conspiracy. Lets imagine there was one, but if they couldnot decide between right and wrong, what are they doing in the courts of justice then?

Journalism is also a pillar of state, how come one pillar weaken the other one. This incident is a warning for those people who are getting proud and who are ruining a cause. Let me remind you my dear fellows that this movement is not over yet, Judiciary had restored but Judicial aims and goals are yet to be achieved.

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