Hassan Nisar at a TV Talk Show
There was a time, I remember, when we used to post respectable Hassan Nisar’s views on society and religion. Those new and logical ideas made “The arrivals” and “constructive narrative” evaporate out of our heads. I even remember that whenever he used to opine in his challenging logical style, most of the people who are making him his hero now used to term him as Kaafir(Infidel). 99% of Imranists were of the view that he is a traitor and a RAW agent who does not acknowledge Ghaznavi or Ghauri as his heroes. A person who called written Islamic history a “BS” and who was always of the view that our society had become delusional by adopting fake fantasies and was always busy in cooking up conspiracies in its mind.

From criticizing fake narratives of the society to pointing out flaws in our national and religious history, his character was always an example for us. A person openly speaking against bigotry, extremism and believing in some things really deserved to be called logical. Whether it be Sialkot incident, Mehran base attack or dual moon-sighting in country, he always showed us another dimension of courage and truth. He was indeed an example.
Recently, it shocked me when I saw my facebook wall and at some other places, the glorification of respectable Hassan Nisar by the very same people who were always against him and called him “a big mouth losing his gears“. And the reason which made him such a hero for them and a star in their eyes overnight, was equally astonishing; being vocal for PTI favoring it on every news channel and talk show. Adjusting in populist environment and being vocal for those people who have always hated Hassan Nisar turned them showering flowers on the same person.
I have some questions to ask from Hassan Nisar. Sir, please tell us whether you were right then or you are right now? What about the rational thinking pattern you created in our minds, you being our hero, what made you change your sides? What should we believe now because your created thinking pattern can not fit the things you are supporting now? Do we change that or do we think you are changed?
He may not be delusional, he may not be paranoid but the question is whether he is turning a new leaf or climbing up a gum tree? Supporting a cause and acknowledging the truth with an ego was what I had learned from him. Has that ego turned against him on his hatred against the moral corruption of society and there is just ego that is just left now?
I don’t know what happened to him that he has suddenly took a U-turn. By joining IK whether he lost all his rationale and logic and now all his arguments are based on the same emotional narrative that he was always critic of, or is it confusing the moral corruption with financial one which Khan speaks against only, or may be compromising on cause against financial corruption. I wish it be true and it be not as a permanent change of a challenging rational ideal into an angry emotional vocalist.
But, I am sad Sir, I miss you. My heart weeps when I see those references by your old enemy quoting you to prove his point. With all due respect, now I can not agree with you Sir but I still respect you. I wish they agree with your other views as well and this will be your challenge now.
P.S.An out of the context thing but should we start thinking that it gives the message that agreeing with populist constructive narrative is the only way to survive and being respectable from a big mouth and a patriot from a traitor in this society? (Again, I remember Hassan Nisar for the basis of this opinion of mine, sadly!) I am losing my gears on it.
Musalmano ki Tareekh by Hassan Nisar
Pakistani Qaum by Hassan Nisar
I admired you for this, Sir!
 Altaf Hussain, the last hope and now Imran Khan!

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