Green House Effect of US-Taliban talks

Comments on the article by Hussain Haqqani in NY Times today.

Agreeing to Haqqani, I guess US is aiming for short term goals over here. Adding to the same, the next battleground of Taliban ideological warfare will be Pakistan and it will be source for their ideology dissemination and manpower recruitment. No matter how much we reject this but TTP and other Taliban groups like Maulvi Nazir and Haqqani group in Pakistan have clearly expressed several times that they consider Mullah Omar as Ameer-ul-Momineen and their Jihad is the extension of Afghan Jihad against US supported democratic (Democracy = Kafirana Nizam) country, Pak Army and people of Pakistan who elected this government.

US may get enough time to repair the economic damage done to them by Afghan War but they forget that until then Pakistan will be a lost cause. A high time to realize that we should neutralize TTP in the west ASAP and close the Durand Line (At least legitimize it and have controlled entry and exit points). A strict policy against fundamentalist narrative, Jihadi literature dissemination, control on Madressas and application of Madrass Reforms, Syllabus revamping, creating a state sponsored public discourse on moderation and strict dealing with sectarian outfits (who are extension of the same ideology) is required. Not to mention that China and Saudi Arabia are also pursuing their own interests in the region just like US. They don’t seem offensive because of the indoctrination of masses. Any student of IR can tell you that it is unsafe and a complete self-deception to bet on them that they will save us while we will be facing the music.

In other case, the repercussions faced by a nuclear power like Pakistan will be either its shrinkage to Punjab by 2020 or it will be in complete anarchy by then. Economy, world reputation (Alienation from the world will make it water, energy and food starved country), Human Rights and Civil reforms can only be expected in a moderate Pakistan. Radical Pakistan will be a Killer for Pakistanis.

Here is an excerpt from Haqqani’s article which gives an idea of Taliban.

“Taliban interlocutors assured the United States that the “Taliban did not support terrorism in any form and would not provide refuge to Osama bin Laden.”

That was, of course, an outright lie. The C.I.A. concluded that the Taliban had closed down training camps run by their Afghan rivals but not the ones run by Bin Laden and Pakistani terrorist groups.
In October 1996, Mr. Jalil delivered a friendly diplomatic message from the Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, to American representatives, letting them know that “the Taliban think highly of the U.S., appreciated U.S. help during the jihad against the Soviets, and want good relations with the U.S.” This, too, turned out to be nothing but dissimulation. At one point, Pakistani officials even suggested that America “buy” Bin Laden from the Taliban.”

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