Geo/ARY Case: Blasphemy laws for corporate agendas and state sanctioned persecution after religious persecution and personal vendettas.

It was a very sleepy morning. Cool breeze would’nt let me get up from bed any time earlier. As per my bad habit, after shutting down my alarm I opened my twitter and fb apps and saw this torrent of anger against Geo on twitter feed and facebook timeline. I was completely confused as to what sinister act has Geo committed now?

Digging it deeper, I found out that a Qawali was played in some morning show at Geo on a virtual wedding that our brother Mubashar Lucman inherently disliked and didn’t hesitate to show it to his viewers on ARY TV. What was that Qawali? Then there was this Sunni Itehad council issuing fatwas against Geo, filing cases and petitions and I saw my Shia friends relatively more hyper than Sunni friends on their timelines. It seemed a serious condition.
I had to see the clip and after watching it I was seriously dumbfounded. This qawali is usually played at traditional Shia marriages in a spiritual connotation. The content eulogises Hazrat Ali AS and Hazrat Fatima AS’s wedding and is metaphorically sung to keep the Shia tradition of love towards Ahle Bait at a similar occasion of marriage. However, the reaction was overstated and too emotional. I usually find Shia friends relatively more reasonable and rational in their approach but today they were all really angry, ignoring such a visible misuse of blasphemy charges by one corporate media group against their archrival and unwilling to see Sunni Tehrik, Faisal Raza Abidi and Ludhianvi equally exploiting the situation. 

Geo is being persecuted since a recent episode and everyone is also being willingly oblivious of that fact, the history and the relations of people like Hamid Kazmi and Faisal Raza Abidi with big brother. Pakistan has certainly become Orwellian Oceania.

However, the funny thing about ARY is that they played a similar stunt long before Geo in one of their own morning show. Not even ARY, almost all prominent channels have used this tradition in their shows. List of links of videos is given below.

A person was arguing that the Geo cameraman was purposefully focusing camera on Veena Malik and her husband when the names of revered figures were taken in the Qawali. How can one believe in such a visible conspiracy? Cameraman had to move the camera and any person with little common sense can question as to why would a director or cameraman purposefully relate a TV actress and model to revered personalities, that too at a time when the channel is already facing lot of music? The semi-literate cameramen/editors had to focus camera somewhere while qawali was playing. It is hard for me to believe that it was done purposefully. The clips from other channels can also be seen.

Our society is at a brink of disaster. A couple of weeks ago lawyer and HRCP official Rashid Rehman was murdered after threats because he was representing the case of a BZU lecturer, a brilliant young man, a Fulbrighter and future of Pakistan, who was accused of blasphemy charges by his professional rival, member of Jamat i Islami and a banned outfit just out of professional rivalry. Two days ago 10 lawyers and 50 other people were accused of blasphemy charges because they chanted slogans against a DSP whose name happened to be the same as of Second Caliph. Last year a doctor was killed in his clinic because he threw the visiting card of a pharmaceutical rep in bin, whose name was same as third caliph. A factory owner and his manager were immolated live in their office by already aggrieved factory workers because the owner removed a calendar from his office and put it in bin. The calendar had some religious verses written on it. This reminds me of my Matriculation classes of Islamiat, where bullies used to throw Islamiat copies of classmates on floor and tell Qari sahab how one disrespected religious thing. I once became victim of the same and when I tried to exlpain to Qari sahab the act of bullies, his angered face and red eyes were not ready to listen to my side of story. Thankfully, it was a private school and I had to threaten him for his job to tell him my story. He still couldn’t punish the group of strong bullies though.




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