Khan’s Concerns Vs Khan’s Demands


Imran Khan’s concerns are not at all wrong. He may be right about many things. He may be right about corruption. He is right about conflict of interest. He is right about nepotism. He is right about tax evasion. He is right about Nandipur project. He is right about hooliganism of Punjab government. He may be right about rigging as well.

However, his demands are not political. PMLN, regardless of everything won public mandate, whether he likes it or not. The electorate is uneducated. The politicians are enslaved in feudal setup. Nepotism is part of our culture. Even his party had nepotism related vibes. Corruption is an old disease. It cannot be cured in a single day. Democracy is a slow process. People cannot be educated or liberated from this setup at once. Rome was not built in a day. The people joining him in this march are purely rejected lot or religious elements having a bad track record. Those taking sides with him is a thing of grave concern. The protest seems purely derailing towards peace and stability and hence democracy.

Then there is this way of speaking in a very naive way to exploit popular sentiment over genuine problems. Uttering these problems without proposing any solutions, again and again won’t solve them. They can only be solved by political process. We are not living in tribal world.

Imran Khan has shown his importance. The government has left hard stance. He should be wise enough not to make things worse. He is a politician and a leader of a party which is kept in high regard by many. Peaceful protests is his democratic right but jamming whole country is not a good idea. He should give democracy some time and wait for next elections. He should accept Nawaz Sharif’s commission and deliver extraordinary in KPK and should focus on next term. He should admire the beauty of democracy and should not give an opportunity to unconstitutional elements to take advantage of the political instability. He has shown his democratic power. With power comes responsibility. He can use it wisely in a responsible way to oversee government’s performance cooperating with opposition being a good statesman and a patient politician, not being an egoistic nuthead and maniac.


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