Another Open Letter to Imran Khan

Imran Khan claims that UK government allows similar protests like his “dharnas.” A friend from Australia wrote a letter to UK Prime Minister to ask whether they allow such protests or not. This is the reply he received from Home Department alongwith his own open letter to Imran Khan.

Warning: If you are a die-hard PTI fan and like all other PTI fans you cannot face criticism and start showing following symptoms, you are warned again. Do not proceed! Any harm or injury caused to yourself or people around you will be solely your own responsibility.

Verbal Diarrhea (Very Important), Rectal Burns, Acute Delusion Disorder (ADD), Palpitation, Shortness of breath, Swelling, Redness, Chest Pain, Itching (especially the one to carry a weapon), Bumps

Chairman PTI,
Mr Imran Khan,

Dear Mr. Khan,

I hope you are doing well and your health is good.
Upon your repeated blatant and nonsensical claims about the disruptive and destructive dharnas, and the violence that they have resulted as being constitutional and that “Even in Britain such demonstrations are people’s constitutional rights”, I finally decided to clear the matter once and for all- for the rest of the nation. As for you, I am sure you already know you are doing wrong when you are inciting people to violence. A decent man with any sense of respect and integrity and above all, some common sense would not incite people to violence, vandalism and breaking law as you have been doing for last couple of months. But then , if you were that sensible, why would you be doing all that in the first place?

I already knew that your argument “Even in Britain such demonstrations are people’s constitutional rights”, was nonsensical as would anyone with any degree of intelligence, but I did what I did, just to complete the loop and provide everyone with an undeniable proof,that inciting people to such rioting,vandalism, hooliganism, had you done this in United Kingdom, and breaking law and thug behavior like bringing cranes to crash gates, attacking and vandalizing TV station, or unlawfully entering parliament grounds ,could have likely/possibly resulted in your arrest, prosecution and if found guilty, imprisonment for upto ten years.

In order to clarify the matter, I wrote to the Prime Minister of United Kingdom about how such “Demonstrations” are conducted in Britain and what are the rules and laws that govern such demonstrations.
In response, the Home Office replied on his behalf and here is the full letter. Since you suffer from lack of intelligence and attention to detail, I have highlighted the parts which you are likely to miss.

I am very well aware and cognizant that you and your zealots will simply continue to be in denial, but nevertheless,for rest of the nation, this letter seals your rants to be nothing but a blatant lie.

While I am here, I would like to clear one more matter. Some people are claiming that you are a cocaine addict. I think it would be good for you to deny that categorically. Would you be happy to be randomly tested for drugs?

PS: If Amir Dogar is your “Naya Pakistan”, then I am way better off with my “Old Pakistan”.
Your Sincerely

Dr Muhammad Umer Shehzad
Australia (*)

* Blogger’s Note: This will be another reality shock for PTI fans but please note that not all expat Pakistanis necessarily belong to PTI.

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