It’s a common saying that luck did or didn’t favour me. You hear everyone blaming their luck all the time. But this concept of a supernatural force is nothing but a farce. There is no thing called luck. But yeah, there are chances and probabilities. 
It’s hard to understand that this can be the case. And we can never be ready to lose our faith in such a useful concept. You win a lottery, you think you are lucky. You don’t work hard, still get the best results, you think you are lucky. Sometimes it’s the opposite, you do your best but you don’t get the desired results. You think you are unlucky. And sometimes it happens to you quite often. So you are lucky or you are unlucky based on the number of lucky happenings. 
How does it actually work? 
We all set our future on the basis of choices we make. Every event in the future is based on the choices we make in the present. We chose to take bus number 10 and not 201. We meet a person and eventually end up having a relationship with that person. We think that it was luck that made us sit in bus number 10 and not 201. But if we get robbed in bus number 10, we think it’s just our bad luck that we were in that bus. Good feeling to blame something else for an “accident.” Actually, both were accidents. One makes you happy so you consider it a result of good luck and the other one as a bad luck. Imagine, the same beloved you find on that bus eventually proves to be the worst partner ever, or if the robbers were not inside and had not stopped the bus, the bus would’ve crashed into a trailer whose brakes are failed. You never know! And you never know what is on bus number 201. 
Some people would argue that sometimes they do their best and still don’t get the desired results. While others don’t do enough but get the best. Well, it’s just the way how “we” see things. We never know who has done more hard work than us. We never know who is more intelligent than us. We never know who has made better choices than us. Again, we never know what’s on bus number 201, unless we embark it. 
Imagine there are two buildings opposite to each other, having four doors in all directions. Only south and north being in front of each other. If a persons from each building exits a door at the same time. The probability of meeting each other would be maximum if they would exit opposite North and South doors and would be minimum if they leave from the alternative North and South doors. So it depends on the choice they make. These choices may or may not be conscious. 
Usually we find it easy to put all the blame on luck and remain delusional about our own drawbacks. It is hard to accept our own lacking. But it is the only practical way to improve our chances. Some things we can chose, others we can’t. Those we can, should be chosen with a sound understanding for better results. A man born in impoverished family can’t have a personal jet but can improve his available chances to end up being not poor. Once in a while, you will find someone, born this way, ending up having a personal jet too. But that’s rare. Probability works here the same way it works in our scientific experiments. Do you really want to bet on such a low probability? Would you bet your next pay-check on two rolling dice to have six appeared on both of them together in the first attempt? Would you bet on that chance? 
To improve our luck, we can only have better choices and make our understanding of better choices more better. This is the only realistic and practical way and I think it is a better way than to leave anything to chance. Chance may or may not be in our favour. You can never know. You should improve what you already know.

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