The Midnight Crisis – Excerpt 2

Chapter XVII
Valour and Cowardice | Sculpture by Alfred Stevens
I have a big hole in my heart. I can’t fill it with anything. I have tried. Trust me Valeria. I really did.
You will always be a stupid Raphael. Always!
I don’t know. But I missed you.
You didn’t miss me. You are just a creepy jealous asshole.
I’m not. If I am, why would I be so nice to your boyfriend.
I don’t know. Maybe you are a coward. Maybe you don’t want to confront him because at the social level, he is morally superior than you.
Why’d I care about social moralities.
You don’t. But you are scared of them. You hate them I know. But you still have to cope with them.
 What else can I do?
Haha! Really? You know the answer!
You want me to become Romeo?
He was a human too. Why can’t you be?
Will you become Juliet too?
Romeo never cared what Juliet would do. He never knew. He did what he had to do.
Will you be happy watching me destroyed?
See! That’s your problem. You know you will be destroyed. That’s why you don’t dare. That’s why you are a coward.
I have to consider so many things Valeria. I am bound.
Then don’t complain. Then you are a common man. All men are bound. To stand aside, you must do what common men don’t do.
I have to fight on so many fronts. I can’t be special on all fronts.
Then don’t complain. Then this front, love, isn’t your forte.
She always made me speechless. Maybe she is right. I shouldn’t complain.

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